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Non-Profit filing can sometimes be tricky. There are different kinds of Non-Profit filings, but the most common filing for Non-Profits is a 501C3 filing. A 501C3 filing is a very common type of filing for churches, and other religious institutions.

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Corporate filing has never been a more difficult task than it is now, especially as the new Healthcare Laws go into effect. What this practically means for businesses is that business owners need to properly file for their business licenses, and they need to know the right things to write-off. Some of the different business licenses include: Sole-proprietorship, LLC’s, Partnerships, Corporations and so on. Each of these different business licenses come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and some business licenses are easier to change over than others. This is where a well-trusted Accountant can really make a significant impact in the lives of their clients. You wouldn't allow just anyone into your home; there’s no reason to allow just anyone to tell you how you should manage your business filings. It’s this aspect of business that almost no business owner is thrilled about. The good news is we thrive off of helping businesses with the paperwork that they hate doing.
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