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Filing for taxes as an individual can be a complicated task. There are several factors for why that is, but one of the major reasons is that improper filing can result in individuals paying more than they should in taxes. California Law can sometimes be difficult to navigate in many different industries and facets of life, and tax filing is certainly one area that the State of California makes more difficult than it needs to be. Accordingly, there are some estimates that suggest that most Americans overpay hundreds of dollars (if not more) every year in taxes. Another factor that any individual filing for their taxes has to consider and plan for is the new Healthcare Laws. These new laws and policies are going to affect individuals’ filings, and they might cause a good number of people to not only overpay on their tax filings, but also their Health Insurance as well. We at Aranda Accounting pay close attention to every detail that counts when it comes to the subject of money for our clients. We specialize in: full-returns, 1099 filings, and we help people avoid paying too much in taxes.

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